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Well, well, well, what a crazy world we live in now, nothing is certain and lots of time to reflect, 6 months ago Captain Coconuts and the crew was setting up to have a bumper year, our bookings was filling up fast and there general vibe of the world was positive and adventurous, then due to COVID-19 we had to shut our doors for the second time in 5 years.

We first time we shut out doors was in 2018 when two 7.0 earthquakes hit the mainland island of Lombok. Gili Air was evacuated and we closed doors for 6 weeks, but we came back better than ever with the addition of our sister resort Captain Goodtimes, so adversity is a familiar thing for us, but this time is not just Lombok that's affected, the world as we know it has changed. Only time will tell if this change is for the good or bad, but we know that the beauty of our little island is everlasting and that the our Captain Coconut family will always be grateful of what we have accomplished and will be ready to welcome you all back again

much love

Coconut Crew.

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