Captain Coconuts Gili Air, is a family owned business and we have put a lot of thought and love into every detail to create a unique place that fosters connection with the surrounding environment and among our guests.

This concept of connection is shown throughout our Architecture, food and service, from the communal tables to the open plan design of our cafe which offers delicious wholefood dishes. The menu has been designed to cater for everyone, with gluten free, dairy free and vegan options available. We do not use refined sugar, palm oil or MSG in our dishes.

We are also proud to have adopted a no plastic policy in our cafe, using bamboo and bio degradable straws, not selling bottled water but instead offering refills.

We strive to have the freshest ingredients in our Cafe and what is fresher than growing it ourselves? To develop a permaculture garden system is a big goal at Captain Coconuts, we already have a Hydroponic set up to grow our salad vegetables and greens and our papaya and banana trees have given us good fruit. Soon we will be building garden beds to grow more, we hope to supplement our kitchen with 30% of home grown produce. 

With the selection of bamboo as our primary material for our cafe pavilion enforcing our sustainable ethos we will continue and evolve to create an even more unique experience for our guests.