Selamat Datang "welcome" to Gili Air, one of three beautiful islands just off the coast of Lombok. In Indonesian "Gili" directly translates to Island and "Air" means water. Out of the 3 Gilis, Air has the largest natural fresh water reservoir due to its close proximity to the mainland of Lombok.


  • The fastest, most common and comfortable way to the Gilis is by the various fast boat companies located in Bali, which leave from Padang Bai harbour, on the west side of Bali (see map below). The journey takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs depending on weather conditions and most fast boat operators also offer transfers from the main tourist areas of Bali to Padang Bai included with their ticket price. Prices vary depending on High and Low season. Minimum return ticket is approximately 600,000 IDR/pp maximum approximately 900,000, please email us to book a ticket.

  • The other option is to take a slow ferry (approx 4 Hrs) which also departs from Padang Bai, however, you will land in Lembar, which is in South Lombok (see map below). From there you will need to find a taxi or private shuttle service to Bangsal Harbour to make your final crossing to Gili Air, for more info on the public ferry please see here.

  • It is also possible to take a small local boat from Bangsal harbour in Lombok. Buy your ticket from the harbour and be prepared to wait around as boats only leave when enough tickets have been sold to fill the boat. 

Map of fast boat routes from Bali to Gili Air


  • The island is 5km in circumference 

  • It takes 1.5 - 2 hours to walk all the way around, more if you stop for a refreshing cocktail.

  • It takes 30 - 45 mins to ride around on bicycles.  

  • Cars and petrol powered vehicles are banned in Gilli Air so there's no noise and exhaust pollution.

  • Typical mode of transport is bicycles and cidomo "horse cart" 

  • The Island is surrounded by amazing reef where you can snorkel, the best areas are around the North East of the Island. There are many snorkeling tour operators that can take you to the 3 Islands, more information is available at our reception desk.

  • The Gilis are known for scuba diving but there are many other activities available, you can check it out below in our recommendations.


  • SUNRISE & SUNSET - These are the best times of the day, from Captain Coconuts, Sunrise beach is on the opposite side of the island, whether you ride a bike or take a leisurely walk, its a pleasant trip while the air is still cool and the island quiet. After watching sunrise, have a dip in the turquoise water and make your way back to Captain Coconuts for a delicious breakfast. After a hard day relaxing, make your way down to the beach from Captain Coconuts (2 mins walk) and grab yourself a bean bag at one of the many beach bars to watch our incredible sunset.

  • SWIMMING & SNORKELING - Our favorite day activity, besides sunrise swims and sunset drinks, is swimming, either in the crystal clear water of our pool or our favorite swimming beach, on the South East side of the island in front of Scallywags restaurant, the north east side of the island also has some pleasant beaches. We also recommend going on a snorkeling tour which will take you to the 3 Gili islands. 

  • SCUBA DIVING - The Gilis are most famous for scuba diving and there are many companies operating in the 3 Gilis. There are two recognised accreditations, the SSI or PADI and prices are fairly regulated so they do not vary too much between companies. Qualified divers should try a night dive which is truly an amazing experience. 

  • SURFING - There's waves.

  • S.U.P - Stand up paddle boards are a great way to view the island from the water, it gives a wonderfully different perspective and is great fun, the best time again is sunrise or sunset. 

  • YOGA - Yoga is another great way to unwind and get into island mode. There are a few places which offer daily sessions, most have a morning or an afternoon class, another perfect way to start the day after the sunrise. 

  • HORSE RIDING - There's nothing quite like riding a horse on the beach of a tropical island and in Gili Air you can experience this first hand. There is one main stable that houses horses specifically for riding, they are well cared for and have experienced handlers that will make your ride as stress free as possible.

Snorkling in Gili Air
Sunset in Gili Air
Horse riding in Gili Air
Diving in Gili Air